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Genta Fine Art Gallery

Tucked away on the hills of UBUD, along the road leading to Lodtunduh village, you will find Genta Fine Art Gallery. It's built in vernacular style with touches of modern and traditional elements, combined with a decorative garden. Rice field and palms.

The Indoor exhibiion rooms is appterned with limestone, local paras stonewith alangalang hgrass roofing. All exemplifies distinctive Balinese taditional and modern architecture composition.

Genta Fine Art Gallery presents fine art by Indonesia's classical and contemporary master artists. The esxcellence and diversity of this collection is an inspiationto those sensitive to art and preservation.

International art collectors, art conoisseurs, painters, and lovers acknowledge GENTA's Fine Art Collection is full of inspiration & celebration. The excellence and diversity of this permanent collection is an inspiration to everyone valueing the fine arts.

"Everyone has their own liking for the arts. At Genta gallery people can find various style of well-priced paintings. We know the life of a Gallery depends on its quality collections. Therefore, we only carry artworks of quality." Kadek Ari Rudana Putra, the owner, says.

THE TRANQUIL & TRADITIONAL Setting of Genta Fine art Gallery is an inspiration in & of itself. Come for a glimps of traditional Bali through its fine arts. Take yourtime, enjoy the serenity of a traditional Balinese village.


Om Suastiastu

Motivated by sense of aesthetic, individual experience and creative ambition, nowadays many young people prefer a career in the field of art.

Creativity requires an open mind and a wealth of experience, love, respect for one’s culture and tradition. Many beautiful and magnificent artworks, in a variety of styles ranging from realist to abstract, have been created with uniquely. Arts have a special role to play to help people move forward in life and to create social order, economic prosperity and more. Not only can artistic creation serve to demonstrate the quality of a particular artistic culture,
they can also illustrate a way of life for the people who make them.

The Genta Fine Art Gallery, with artworks from local to international artists, was opened in 1998 as centre for the study and appreciation of fine art for both Indonesian and foreign visitors. The gallery’s entire property, including the spacious gardens and nature in abundance, is a work of beauty. Visitors can relax and enjoy the experience of viewing
beautiful pieces of fine arts while in the surrounding calmness and tranquility.

Genta also allows visitors to observe artists in action creating art. Collectors can own the finished artworks in various styles and genre to add to their collections.

As the owner of Genta Fine Art Gallery, I welcome you all.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

Ari Putra Rudana

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